Tips to get more out of Google My Business

Tips to get more out of Google My Business

Tips to get more out of Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is free and especially for local businesses an important tool to be visible on the Google map. Within Google My Business you have your own page, where you can use all relevant company information. Potential customers get to see all your information at a glance, even without having been on your website or in your company. This way you are immediately visible on Google Maps and you are ranked higher in the search results. A good idea to pay attention to this in order to get more traffic to your company and website.

1. Update the GMB profile with relevant company information

The first and most important step that needs to be taken is to update the profile with relevant company information. Always use up-to-date and accurate information for this. If visitors find you in Google, it is necessary that all information is correct. In addition, provided the information is filled in correctly, everyone can immediately see what kind of company you are, what you stand for and where you are located. This is a promising opportunity to give the right first impression. When filling in, think about:

  • Company
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Website
  • Category
  • Description
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Relevant photos

2. Always ensure consistent business information

The information on Google My Business must always match the rest of your business information on the internet. Make sure that data such as name, address and telephone number are the same as the information you share on your website and social media channels. If the data does not match, this will then have a negative effect on your Google ranking. Consistent information ensures that you radiate trust and ultimately why customers will choose you.

3. Post relevant content

You can easily add updates via the posts on your GMB account. Think, for example, of sharing events, offers, blogs and products, but also holiday messages. More and more potential customers base their choice on relevant and useful posts that are displayed. Good to keep in mind is the fact that a maximum of 300 words may be used for a post. Also, always try to place readable texts, without too much jargon.

4. Choose a suitable category

Choosing the right category is essential for your Google My Business page. With this you basically help Google with the choice they make in the search results of Google users. There is a long list of categories available to choose from. Creating a category yourself is not possible, choose a general category that best suits your company. Fortunately, updates are carried out, which means that new categories are offered with some regularity. So always keep an eye on the updates and adjust this when possible.

5. Upload photos in high quality

It goes without saying that good quality photos must be posted. By posting a vague or irrelevant photo, visitors will immediately drop out and you as a company will not be taken seriously. In many cases, photos say more than words, so you will be seen better than a competitor. Good to know are the photo conditions, we list them, so you can get started right away:

  • At least 400 x 300 pixels with a minimum size of 10 KB
  • Up to 10000 x 10000 pixels and a maximum size of 25 MB
  • Photos in JPG or PNG

6. Use a local phone number

By using a local phone number, it is clear that you are actually a local business. In addition to the fact that a telephone number must be the same everywhere, it is also advisable not to use a mobile phone number as a company number

7. Monitor the questions and answers

The ability of Google My Business to post questions and answers online is therefore also one of the best in our opinion. Here questions can be asked by potential customers, to which you can give the best answer online. You can respond to this immediately, so that all visitors will see the answer. Make sure that you as a company always give an answer, because this is a wonderful opportunity to communicate with your customer. By responding quickly with a concrete answer, you are seen as an active and professional company.

8. Collect Google reviews

Receiving reviews is important for the trust of (potential) customers as well as for your Google ranking. Positive reviews increase visibility and increase the trust of current and future customers. Do you get an unfounded review? Always respond calmly and calmly to this, you are also the one who sets the tone for your company. The idea to get more Google reviews is to add an invitation in your email signature, with a link to the page with the possibility to post a review.


With the tips above you are able to create a kick-ass Google My Business page. It is not difficult and can make a real difference in the visibility and findability of your company. Our advice: invest time in creating your GMB page, ensure regular updates and keep monitoring the page. The chance that you are one step ahead of the competition is high. In addition, potential customers also become actual customers.