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Since many traders use different tools, indicators, and third-party software they all receive different information on which to base their decisions,When a trader makes the decision to open or close a trade a lot of other decisions were made before that one.

Beginning traders or even seasoned traders always are looking for the edge and additional information that might tell them with more accuracy what their trading assets will do in the near and long future.

There sis no traders that can use all the tools and indicators, paradox of information, too much info leads to inaction.  So, what helps spotting trading opportunity.

Here other traders that share their thoughts and technical analysis will be of great help, they will show you as a trader what they are looking for and might open your mind to new trading strategies and solutions and signals and market movers that you did not spot before.

You should never use this as your signal provider or copy what they are trading, but it can be used as a guide line in order to understand the market better.