Saturday, August 18, 2018

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21 hours ago
Crypto WORKS as Currency in the Real World with Fernando Gutierrez from #Dash
#DigitalCash #Crypto
3 days ago
#Dash #Electrum released ! #DigitalCash #Crypto
(webpage will be updated soon - Dev on holidays ; )

- PPA built with libsecp256k1-0, python3-pycryptodome dependencies
- Added dark theme
- Fix for win64
- Fix vcrun2015 in win64 build
3 days ago
#Dash (DASH): Dash Evolution Platform Update To Roll Out In Q4 2018
#DigitalCash #Crypto
5 days ago
#Dash CEO: Wall Street likely working on crypto-related projects in private
#DigitalCash #Crypto

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